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Our Process

The Process is as simple as ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR 


Fill out the customer information form and we'll call you within hours, not days.

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Jay Towar (a licensed builder), the owner of Epiphany Kitchens and one of our expert designers will come to your house for a FREE in home consultation on the details and budget for your project. (We are like the property brothers, only better looking!)




Once a budget is locked in we will collect a small retainer to move forward with the actual design. After you choose Epiphany as your contractor we apply the full retainer to your project!




In roughly 2 weeks your design will be complete!    



Overheads - Face Etchings from every angle and Colorizations.  All done on 20/20 cad design utilizing 13x19 paper printout. This is delivered in our showroom to facilitate minor modifications that can be made on the spot.  
A 4 page detailed pricing analysis is included with your design. This is not just a price to do the project.

 To eliminate communication mistakes every potential item in your project is listed and only the ones pertaining to your specific project are marked. Because our designs are spot on and "in" budget the overwhelming majority of clients move forward and process the order at this time.