Products and Services



  • Professional Designing and Planning
  • 20/20 Presentation Drawings & Layout
  • Material, Color, & Finish Consultations
  • Certified Engineer Drawings
  • Architect Renderings
  • La Cornue, Wolfe, Sub-Zero, & Asko Appliances
  • Stock, Semi-Custom, & Custom Cabinetry


The Process is as simple as ONE, TWO, THREE


Stop in our showroom or fill out the customer information form and we'll call you within hours, not days.


One of our expert designers will come to your house for a FREE in home consultation on the details and budget for your project.


Once a budget is locked in, we will collect a design retainer to move forward with the actual design. After you choose Epiphany as your contractor we apply the full retainer to your project. In roughly 2 weeks, your design will be complete! After you choose Epiphany as your contractor we apply the full retainer to your project. We will be with you for the entire project. Follow up meetings will be held to discuss design layout, materials, etc. We use different contractors for different trades. This ensures the project is done the right way. 


Our Projected Timeline

  • In-home consultation: We will meet you in your home to look at the space and discuss ideas and needs together. A preliminary budget will be set either on site or a few days following.

  • Initial Design: A design retainer will be collected to create a full-color 3D rendering based on discussions and meetings.

  • Cost Spreadsheet: We will create a detailed spreadsheet that covers pricing of labor and materials (cabinets, counters, sink, etc.). 

  • Design Review: We will meet with you at our showroom to review the design, pricing, and plans. This interactive process allows us to make necessary changes before moving forward.

  • Selection Process: As previously stated, we work with you every step of the way to select materials that match your lifestyle and budget. 

  • Installation: Once the materials are ordered we get to work. We use specialized technicians for every job to ensure we have experts completing every aspect of the remodel.

  • Unveiling: Time to enjoy the kitchen you have been dreaming of!